120 x 80mm Warning Sticker

An important first line of defence to warn criminals that SelectaDNA is being used on property.



SKU: 195798

€ 3.50 (exc. IVA) € 4.27 (inc. IVA)

Criminals know that DNA is the police’s most powerful weapon in convicting them. Therefore the DNA fear-factor is highly understood and acts as a huge theft deterrent.  Criminals view items marked with SelectaDNA as too high risk and are further put off from stealing them as they have little or no resale value. 

Advertising and promoting the use of SelectaDNA with warning signs and stickers is a major part of the process of preventing your property from being targeted by criminals. 


Please note: Warning signs and stickers are only available to purchase by existing SelectaDNA customers or first time SelectaDNA customers who are ordering one of the Forensic Property Marking Kits for the first time. Please do not try to order any of our warning signs or stickers on their own.The whole theft deterence factor works through a combination of DNA Property Marking and warning labels, stickers, tags and outdoor signs.

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